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Felicia Walker I love love love it and you!
Also: yours is my favorite embrace! And i miss it!
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The first phase of musical creations
Messy, short, sweet
They are a start
Seeds of future sounds

the title came to Sarah in a dream so I followed
written in a winter of self, quiet, heart-introspection : it is fitting
let it hug you close

Giggle with me x


released December 13, 2016

Michel Lepage & Shawn Blais
I had no clue where to start,
you guided the way. with a smile



all rights reserved


vero Ontario

As above, so below

vero is a lover

bursting at the seams :: here's what comes through

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Track Name: Astral Lovin
I had a dream of you last night
There was something shiny in your eyes
There's no such thing as time and space
There's proof of that in our galactic dates

Didn't catch those astral hints
Connecting to the winter winds
Wish that you saw these Northern Stars
I guess you did, what's mine is ours

Close your eyes to astral lovin'
That's where I am, that's where I've been.
Track Name: Murky Waters
White skies and white lies
Say goodbye to that little while

Red eyes, no disguise
You sabotaged but don't realise

Now I know, I've got wings to fly
There's a whole wide world, so I'm saying goodbye

Through these murky waters, I can't see
Through these murky waters, I can't see
Track Name: Wombynhood
Sitting in the bathtub
Feeling feminine surround me
Water wash away
Remnants of who I used to be

Pulling from my soul
like coconut oil in my teeth
Down the drain pulling 'round
Back to the earth beneath

Gaze up at the sun shining
It's rays kissing my skin
It's about this moment now
Not anywhere you've been

Pink skin, withering
Like a flower, have some water
Pink skin, withering
Like a flower, have some water

Staring at the follicles floating on the surface
Gratitude for my hair and all of it's purpose
Feeling blessing
Feeling sin

Feeling wombyn feeling water
Deep within the womb
It's all the same, it's all one
From uterus to tomb
Track Name: Cosmic Dancers
Feet in the river
Fingers digging in the dirt
Not sure what this time's about
But I think it's meant to hurt

I think of you as I plant pea seeds
In the sunny springtime song
Are we planting for the future?
Or am I just simply wrong

Release the need to know all the answers
We are but a pair of cosmic dancers

Think of me when you're making pumpkin soup
Cacao goddess always makes me think of you
Close your eyes, hear me singing songs of love
Let my presence be as real as the sky above

Release the need to know all the answers
We are but a pair of cosmic dancers (x2)
Track Name: Little House Tattoo
Glittery face
Yours is my favourite embrace
Dark eyes so deep
With lashes to make all the girls weep (with envy)

You're an aries, I'm an aries moon
I know that you feel this fire too
You're got the toothiest smile
And a little house tattoo

I think that maybe I know
That my new favourite thing is staring at the stars with you
If you can't be here
Then, it's my dreams you'll come into

I don't know if I'll see you again
You strange and magnificent man